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The Next Steps Approach to Community Service


What would it look like if a community of service providers and volunteers who work directly with clients united together to link every person they serve to additional resources by asking one simple question: What is your Next Step?

Direct service providers who ask the question, “What is your next step?”, give those they serve the opportunity to step outside of their daily struggles, envision the future they want, and identify what else they need to get there.  The Resource Harford page of Harford Helps connects them to the available local services that are here to support their continued growth and progress.

When facing hard times, simply knowing the next step to take and that better days are ahead can make all the difference in the world.  A community that commits to the Next Step Approach is a one that is dedicated to working collectively to increase the quality of life of all its members.

To learn more about the Next Steps Approach, email [email protected].

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