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Welcome to Resource Harford

Resource Harford catalogs the goods and services provided by Harford County organizations. With a robust database of charitable programs in Harford County, the database also became a reference point to the people served. Please note that Harford Helps is a public database, not a service provider. Please contact organizations directly for the most up to date information. On every charitable information card you will find all the information you need to connect with that organization. Explore the database, connect with local charities, and donate your household goods!


First, you will see a button under the charitable organization’s name labeled “Visit”. This will take you straight to that organization’s page. In the right-hand column under the “visit” button, you will find a list of causes the charity supports. Searching the database by charitable cause will help you connect with the services you need. Please bear in mind that Resource Harford is a directory of resources and not a resource provider itself. Resource Harford is an ongoing project under development and will continue to grow as a tool for the community we serve.


Did you know that, according to the 2020 United Way ALICE report, 30,336 of the 94,802 households in Harford County live below the ALICE threshold? ALICE is an acronym for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed, and represents the growing number of families who are unable to afford the basics of housing, childcare, food, transportation, health care, and technology in Harford County.
Every year communities across the country do what’s called a Point-in-Time Count, or a one-day count that captures the number of individuals experiencing homelessness on the streets and in shelters on a single night. In 2020, that number was 220, 31% under 18.

Looking for resources outside of Harford County? Check out 211 from the United Way of Central Maryland for resources and services in the greater Baltimore area.

Please note that Harford Helps is a public database, not a service provider.
Contact organizations directly for the most up-to-date information.