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Welcome to Donate Harford

Donate Harford is the portion of Harford Helps that connects county residents looking to donate goods with the charities and programs that need them. Harford Helps began with the Donate Harford directory: a database of charitable programs and organizations in Harford County accepting donations of in-kind goods. From there, it grew. On every charitable information card you will find all the information you need to connect with that organization. Explore the database, connect with local charities, and donate your household goods!


First, you will see a button under the charitable organization’s name labeled “Visit”. This will take you straight to that organization’s page. In the right-hand column under the “visit” button, you will find a list of causes the charity supports. Searching the database by charitable cause will help you identify how you want your donations to support your community. Next, at the bottom of the left-hand column is a field that indicates if the charity or program has an online wishlist for donations. To the right of that field is a button labeled “Donation Information”. Click that button to see how you can put your donations to work!


Did you know there are so many perfectly usable goods that are thrown away in Harford County that the Office of Recycling has a “Recycled Item of the Week”? Workers pull out an item from the landfill that could have gone to a family, friend, or community group and share it online to raise awareness about environmental stewardship and the importance of donating? Usually there’s more than one item pulled!
Something incredible: charitable giving rose in 2020 DESPITE the pandemic putting millions out of work, only a fraction (20%) came from corporations or foundations. That means 80% of donations, whether time, money, or goods, came from neighbors helping neighbors. Last year, the Fresh Start Furniture Program was able to furnish nearly 225 empty homes because of community giving

Please note that Harford Helps is a public database, not a service provider.
Contact organizations directly for the most up-to-date information.