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Welcome to Harford Helps. We’re glad you’re here! 

Our mission is to connect charitable hearts in Harford County to the needs in their community and the local organizations endeavoring to meet them. Harford Helps is a free, online public directory that provides visitors with hundreds of nonprofits, organizations, services, and programs in Harford County, Maryland.  Users can filter listings by cause, category, name, or zip code, making searching a snap and connecting a breeze. 

Whether you’re looking to donate, volunteer or find resources in Harford County, MD, Harford Helps can help you find the place you are looking for!  Thank you for choosing to join in on this mission with us to SUPPORT LOCAL!   To learn more about Social Progress Solutions and the Harford Helps directory, please email [email protected].

Our Beginnings

The vision of Harford Helps began in 2016 when the founder of a local nonprofit noticed a pattern.  The nonprofit, Fresh Start Furnishings, collects gently used furniture and home goods and passes the items along at no cost to local residents in need.  Though there are many essential items on the organization’s wishlist, they quickly came to realize that there are also many that were not.  This prompted donors to frequently ask the question, “Do you know where I can donate _X_”.  That blank was filled in with everything from clothes to baby items, to sporting goods, to books and more.  Though volunteers at the organization did their best, there was no easy or consistent way to recommend other organizations that could accept their donations.  This information gap is what inspired Fresh Start founder Alicia Hamilton, to create an idea called “The Donation Directory”.

In its early stages, The Donation Directory was a searchable database where Harford County nonprofits could be list and share their donation wishlists with charitable Harford residents looking to donate items.  The idea had to take a back seat for some time however due to Fresh Start’s fast-paced growth.  Years later, during a meeting with a local government director, the idea was discussed and it was suggested to combine the Donation Directory with another fledging resource called Volunteer Harford.  The director suggested combining the two ideas and calling them Harford Helps.  Thus, another seed of inspiration was planted, and the idea continued to incubate.

In 2021, the timing was right and work on the project was finally begun.  Two months into planning, Alicia and her team realized that a database of donation and volunteer opportunities also encompassed in its content, a database of community programs and services for people looking for assistance.  The full picture of the vision could now be seen.  Harford Helps would offer three unique search functions and meet three unique community needs.  The directory would offer a search feature using distinct keywords filter for items to donate, causes to support, or services to get help.  The Harford Helps website launched in October 2022 with the support of four local philanthropic businesses which became our Founding Patrons.


In November 2023, Harford Helps found its “forever home” through a partnership with Harford County nonprofit, Technology 4 Causes.  T4C’s mission to help expand the impact of local charitable and educational activities through the multiplying effects of technology and networking aligned perfectly with the long-term vision of Harford Helps.  This invaluable community resource continues to be supported by community-focused corporate sponsors who believe in the vision of One County, One Community.


Our goal is for Harford Helps to remain a free public resource directory.  Learn more about how you can help make that happen!

Please note that Harford Helps is a public database, not a service provider.
Contact organizations directly for the most up-to-date information.